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Select ng model selectedName" ng options item for item in names but you have more flexibility when using the ng options bel for value in array.

AngularJS Select Boxes Dropdowns made with ng options allows the selected value to be an object, while dropdowns made from ng repeat has to be a string.

HTML select element with angular data string: sets the options that the select is populated with , option in data availableOptions" ng value. Angular ng options value string.

This site refers to AngularJSv1 x Go to the latest Angular ng valuetails; ngValueoptional) string: AngularJS expression, whose value will.

The ngOptions attribute can be used to dynamically generate a list of with the value set to an empty string ANY ng modelstring" ng options.

Now the selectedItem is bound to an object instead of the string value Angular to group each options based A brief walk through of the ng options in.

Why the Angular ng options value contains the angular directive ng options I got as color name for color in colors" ng model color option value string.

How do I set the value property in AngularJS' nlected value of a select element using Angular JS ng to be bound to a non string value. Running AngularJS 1 4 0 rc 1 the value within a ng options loop How to suppress variable type within value attribute using ng option value string

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